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[icing on the cake] awarded 100 2014 Chinese home building materials enterprises, 2014 China building decoration materials brand innovation "saide art materials, double winners

Author:SEEDTime:2015/11/5 8:52:36

In 2015 June 28, the second session of the China building materials home industry development conference in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing three small hall held a grand,SEED art building won the "2014 Chinese home building materials enterprise 100 strong" and "2014 China building decoration materials brand innovation" two awards, the awards ceremony rare double winners.





The general assembly to innovation, transformation and development as the theme, to explore the new normal economic development opportunities, mode innovation, home electricity suppliers, new technology and new product application innovation and other industrial development of hot spots, the focus of the topic.


China Building Decoration Association vice president and Deputy Secretary General Zhang Jingyue speech


Wang Yuefei, Secretary General of China Building Decoration Association


China Building Decoration Association, Li Bingren, President of China building materials industry development report in 2014.


State Department counselor researcher, former chief economist of the National Bureau of statistics of Mr. Yao Jingyuan

SEED art building materials enterprises were invited to participate in the China building materials home industry development conference, with active excellent market performance and the consumer the unanimous recognition and praise, was awarded the title of one of the two "2014 Chinese home building materials enterprise 100 strong" and "2014 China building decoration materials innovation product brand" Awards, is the conference rare double winners. SEED representative art brick this new category of enterprise award, firm the saide art building materials from the hand for inheritance to art production, persistent innovation spirit of humanism, thank Association of consumers and industry on Teesside.



SEED as a leader in the art of building materials, and always adhere to for consumers to create a unique art and very entry, forget the taste of living space. SEED will to create the best art building materials products for the mission, through continuous innovation to explore the limitless potential of art materials, for the vast number of consumers to create more chic and art of living a better.




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