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"" Syed art building materials was invited to be a tiger with wings added "100 enterprises trillion" plan, create a new height of Internet

Author:SEEDTime:2015/11/4 18:25:51

Present situation

In today's China building materials home industry, whether it is the Internet + industry, industry, and the Internet, can not be achieved in the multilateral trade of building materials home, multilateral, companies can not find the most open channels, consumers can not enjoy the best service.


Under this situation, efforts to build installed materials branch association [enterprises hundred trillion] plan, and home building materials hundred consortium was established. China Building Decoration Association, a comprehensive strategic partnership - a number of China, is building a Chinese home industry ecological platform, aims to promote the integration of resources and channels of home building materials industry. Create a platform to achieve resource sharing, to create greater value for the user.


On October 25, the day, installed by the society material branch hosted hundred trillion enterprise plan was officially launched in Hangzhou Xiaoshan information port, China United home building materials hundred sync up. Hundred enterprises gathered, unprecedented, home building materials association leadership, more than 100 Chinese home building materials first-line brand factory representative gather on the shore of Qianjiang, witness the opening of the digital age trillion plan.


At the top of the industry leaders have pointed out that in period of historical turning point, home building materials industry needs to emancipate the mind, pioneering and innovative, knocking the Internet era gate of the power of digital technology. In the Internet + era, the number of China's construction is a more reasonable allocation of resources, traffic flow to the more intelligent stage. The number of China's CT digital scene technology, generate the scene of connecting everything, the new three-dimensional, multi space, multi lateral connection technology, the Internet and the integration of the traditional industries to upgrade the industry, to achieve the integration of industry resources, channel integration of win-win model.


Review of 2014 China building materials home industry development conference, brick art as a separate tile category was nominated and accepted, no doubt to the commitment to the development of the arts building materials products building materials enterprises played a dose of the powerful centring pin. Previously, ceramic tile for its low maintenance, durable, easy to clean the characteristics, has become a popular choice of decoration materials.

However, with the continuous expansion of the middle class, the society from the food and clothing to a well-off society, driven by the increase in the economic ability of the crowd. Consumer demand for decorative materials, gradually from the functional steering decorative. People's pursuit of the product not only has the use value, but also should have the bearing value culture product, has the artistic taste of building materials products.


The product category of art brick includes mosaic, handmade brick and other varieties, representing the personality and taste of the high-end building materials, its color, style and artistic style of the rendering, it is the height of the industrial bricks can not match. With the development of the economic level, the art of building materials by the artistic taste of the consumer's attention and pursuit, the use of the boom will continue to increase.


SEED as a leader in the art of building materials, is the [enterprises hundred trillion] plan, only invited to attend the brick art business representatives. Sedco as the most scale of the art building materials production base, mainly the production of Arts and crafts inlaid with manual artistic ceramic products. Saide Marketing Center General Manager Lv Mengxiong Mr. participate in activities and reflect: "by actively participate in hundred trillion enterprise plans to start the general assembly, will be conducive to home building materials companies shared seeks the development, develop a broader market. At the same time, for the dealer to provide more scale, better convenience of Internet design sales tools, industry all aspects of rapid development and better service to consumers.


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